How you spend your time in high school directly affects your success upon leaving this building.  Do you know where you are going once you leave here and why you want to be there?  Have you determined all the options available to finance any further education?  Are you making all the right choices now so you can be the best professional in your field?  Here you can find a variety of articles, research, and videos talking about what you need to succeed.
Shift Happens: A video describing the incredible statistics surrounding technology, the work force, and the human population.

Making the Dream Reality: A report by ACT outlining the alarming number of American high school students unprepared for college.  The article also discusses the need for a shift in education.

Recent High School Grads Regret Class Selections: Read what graduates of the class of 2010 say about how they prepared for college.

Dropping out: Is College Worth the Cost?: A 60 minutes report on the usefulness of college for all students and the options available after high school.

The Commonwealth Commitment: Career and College Ready: A flyer providing information regarding what it means to be career and college ready based on the KY State Standards

High School Teens Win Gaming Scholarships: What is the future of e-gaming?  Could this be the next professional sport league? 

Computer Science Classes in High School: Why do too few students take them?

25 College Majors with the Highest Unemployment Rate: The link lists the worst 25 majors and leaves further links about jobless college graduates.

Lack of coding skills: With the emergence of smartphones and a totally digital society, are there enough people capable of handling the tech needed for these careers?

Display Traffic Signals Inside Cars:  In an attempt to create the self-driving car, developers at Virginia Tech Transportation Institute are exploring with the concept of removing all physical traffic signs, and putting them inside vehicles.

New Number Systems?: What would it be like if we abandoned the base-10 number system and adopted base-12?  Is it possible?  Is there any advantage?

Learn more about Clara Shih: The article here is a Q&A with Clara about her book, her company, and her accomplishments.

The video below is a brief description, from Clara, about her company Hearsay Social.

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